What It’s Like To Own A Dachshund

What It's Like To Own A Dachshund

Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk to you about what it’s like to own a Dachshund. Now, I know that I’m going to have to put some type of disclaimer in this post that says this is my personal feelings and experiences with owning a Dachshund, and like any other breed, they aren’t all the same. So, before you decide whether or not to get one of these little ones, make sure you do ample research to decide if these are the right dogs for you.

Meet Claire, my precious Miniature Silver Dapple Dachshund (that’s already a mouthful, so I’ll interject here that she is a long haired mini). She is the sweetest and most loving dog that I have ever met… and the most stubborn. As we move forward with this post, I am going to go through what it’s been like since we got her and what we’ve learned about her (and the breed), both good and bad.

Let me start by saying that I have wanted a Silver Dapple for a very long time. I stayed on rescue sites and Dachshund sale sites (like breeders or not, the babies that they breed need forever homes too) for about a year- a year and a half. We found a few on sale sites, but  the hefty price tag wasn’t something that we could, or wanted, to pay. So, the search continued… Finally, we were able to find the one puppy that struck both of our hearts and left us certain that they needed to be ours.

Flash back to February 21 2017, this is when we found out that a family friend’s Silver Dapple had just had a litter of puppies and that there were two female Silver Dapples. In early March 2017,  I received the picture above with a message saying that I had the first pick of the litter. After calling my husband (I was out of state getting ready for my sister’s wedding) and talking it over with him to make sure that we were ready for this, I sent back the picture to the right with a message that said something along the lines of “she’s our girl”.

Even though we couldn’t take her home until she was 8 weeks old, we knew that we would be able to meet her at roughly 4 weeks old. Here is a picture from the first time we met this super cute and super chunky baby.

She instantly had us “wrapped around her paw”. At only 4 weeks old, she was wagging her tail at us and acted so happy to see us. It was like she knew that we would be her forever family. We stayed and loved on her for a couple of hours and came back again the next week (she recognized us the following week and waddled straight to us when we came in) to see her again. (Just a bit of foreshadowing, she was already super stubborn and showed this in her refusal to stop nibbling on her mama and siblings’ tails despite the continuous nips she kept receiving in return)

Just a few weeks later, we were able to take her home. Right away, she did amazing with car rides, and has continued to do so (she will be 2 years old in February 2019). She was very loving from the start and very vocal. Not to mention, she was only 3 pounds. Keep in mind, the minis are very small dogs and don’t get too terribly big when fully grown. My Mama owns her sister, and she is the same way, very vocal and very loving, she’s just a little bit bigger (Claire is 13 pounds, Addie is 19 pounds). Below is a super cute picture of Claire and Addie together.

Now, with all of the good times (which was and continues to be ample), came a few obstacles. Despite her being obviously smart, potty training was a rough road. It took us 8 months, and that was considered fast for her breed (talking to other Dachshund owners, it can even take 2 years or longer to potty train this stubborn breed). We knew that she was smart enough to learn this skill, she just didn’t want to at the moment. So, 8 long months later, she was house broken… except for when it would rain. She hated the rain and would purposely hold it until she came back in; again, she was very stubborn. She has outgrown this now and is fully housebroken.

Truthfully, the stubbornness and difficulty with potty training is the only big obstacle that we’ve encountered. She went through a very brief chewing phase (it lasted about a month) that resulted in a chewed up case of paper towels and a chewed in half vacuum cleaner cord. That being said, she never chewed furniture or tried chewing on peoples’ hands. To be fair, every breed goes through at least a slight “chewing phase”.

As she’s grown up, she’s stayed just as loving, if not more so. She still does great on car rides, and she is still very very vocal (now, much more than then). She has specific sounds that she makes when she wants to go out or get up on the couch and she will “talk” to you if she thinks you aren’t paying her enough attention. Claire is a sweetheart, loves everyone and always wants to be around people. Potty training aside, she picks up tricks quickly and retains them. She’s cute as can be and she brings a lot of joy to those around her. She’s our sweet girl, so I am biased, but she is the most loving and lovable dog that I’ve ever met. Below are some pictures of our sweet, goofy, baby as she’s grown up.


If you are thinking about getting a Dachshund, I highly recommend it. They are such incredible, sweet dogs that bring tons of happiness to all that they encounter. Before you decide whether or not to get one, do a ton of research, as this breed is prone to several health and back problems. If you are looking to get a very loving, laid back, and silly dog, and you feel like the medical problem potentialities and the potty training difficulties don’t scare you, then please think about getting a Dachshund. Oh, and make sure that you don’t mind toys being everywhere, because as soon as you put them up, they’ll drag them all right back out. I may be biased, but I think that they are such a wonderful breed to own.

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