5 Must Have Christmas Gifts For Any True Coffee Lover

5 Must Have Christmas Gifts For Any True Coffee Lover

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Hello everyone! Today I want to talk to you about coffee. More specifically, 5 Must Have Christmas Gifts For Any True Coffee Lover. I can’t even express how excited I am for this post!! Coffee is one of my absolute favorite things in the world! There is so much you can do with it and it tastes (and smells) incredible (and CAFFEINE). So, for all of my fellow coffee lovers, I have put together a list of 5 coffee themed gifts that you will definitely want (and may want to give). Whatever you decide to do with them, below are the 5 gifts that I believe will wow any coffee lover; enjoy!

– Around the world in 12 coffees – Okay, so this was given to me as a gift several months ago and it has been the coolest coffee set that I have ever seen! It features 12 different coffees from different places (yes, I know that the name of it is self explanatory). They say that each pouch contains enough for a “perfect potful” but if you are like me, you’ll be able to get about 2 potfuls out of every pouch without it feeling watered down (which is the worst type of coffee). Each coffee has a “definition” which goes over what you can expect its flavor to be like and they come in this adorable box that is set up like an old/weathered map. I have loved this set so much and I have had some new favorites stem from this sampler. If you are someone that likes to try new coffees and experience different flavor profiles, this is definitely for you! To learn more about Around The World In 12 Coffees, click HERE.

– Death wish coffee (for the caffeine addicts) – Here we have another great coffee. The name is, I’ll admit, a bit intimidating… and yes, its name is supposed to be a representation of its caffeine levels… but as long as you drink responsibly (who knew that phrase would ever need to be applied to coffee), this is a coffee that you’ll want to try. I have only had Death Wish coffee a couple of times and after far fewer cups than I typically drink, I was wired. The thing is, it has an incredible taste to it! I have several coffees that are my “go-to favorites”, several that are my “indulgent favorites”, and several others that are my “I really love them but I can’t drink them 24/7 if I want to have any chance at a normal heart rate”. While this certainly falls into the third category, it is also certainly one of my occasional guilty pleasures. If you love the combination of a major caffeine punch and super tasty coffee, you’re going to want to try this. To learn more about Death Wish coffee, click HERE.

– “First we drink the coffee, then we do the things” Mug – This mug is so stinking cute! Not to mention, how true is that saying? I feel like I need that in big, bold, print on a pajama shirt to match this super awesome mug (talk about starting your morning off right!). There isn’t much more I can say about this other than I think that it would be perfect to add to your “mug collection” (if you’re like me, you can’t turn down a cute mug- I have to many already and I am hoping to add this one to the collection soon). To learn more about the “First we drink the coffee, then we do the things” mug, click HERE.

– Coffee grinder – My coffee grinder is one of my kitchen staples. There are few things in life better than the smell and taste of freshly ground coffee. I know it takes a little extra time and effort… and I, admittedly, don’t grind fresh coffee everytime I drink it. That being said, I am so glad that I did, everytime that I do. Sometimes I even take coffee grounds from some of my favorite brands and grind them down even finer to “freshen it up” a bit. Plus, not only is the taste more full (less “bean water” more “full bodied coffee”), but you cannot beat the smell of it; better than any candle, hands down! Freshly ground coffee just has a way of making the whole house smell amazing (hint – it’s great for when you have guests coming over… even better if they happen to be coffee lovers too). If you don’t own a coffee grinder now, it’s a tool that I would highly recommend. Sadly, I believe that Amazon no longer carries the type of coffee grinder that I use. If you want to try and find one like mine, it’s the Aicok Coffee Grinder. Even though I can’t find the same brand that I use, I have found one on Amazon that is almost the exact same.  To learn more about the Epica Coffee Grinder, click HERE.

– Ninja coffee bar – My Ninja Coffee Bar is my TOP KITCHEN STAPLE. I seriously don’t know what I would do without it (or what I did before it). It’s got multiple size settings, so I can make enough for one cup or a full pot. It has different settings for brew strength; yes please! I love having the ability to make it classic, or go rich with it, and it even has an over ice option! All the choices, its awesome. Plus, it comes with a dual ended ground scoop, and a recipe book with all of these specialty coffee concoctions (which are super tasty). Then, it comes with a milk frother, which I didn’t think that I needed or wanted… I was wrong! It’s the coolest thing ever! It gives me the ability to make coffee shop quality coffees right from my own kitchen. Did I mention that the water container is detachable so that you can fill it up at the sink and put it back, little to no spillage while trying to fill it up? Plus, there is even a little flip down cup stand so that if you want to make just a cup, it doesn’t sit directly on the warmer… that’s right, it even has a warmer at the base to keep your carafe of coffee warm for as long as you wish.  I love my coffee bar, it is easily the best purchase that we made in all of 2018. I’ll quit rambling about it now, just know that if you love coffee and you love making great coffee at home, the Ninja Coffee Bar is definitely worth looking into. To learn more about the Ninja Coffee Bar, click HERE.

I loved writing this post so much; anything coffee and you can count me in! I hope that you enjoyed this list of 5 Christmas gifts for any true coffee lover and if you want to see more things coffee themed, in the future, let me know in the comments. Thank y’all so much for reading and as always, much love and God bless!


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