Confessions Of A Sinner

Confessions Of A Sinner

Hey everyone, today (3 cheers for bonus posts) I want to get real with y’all. I mean no holding back, real. I want to talk about sin in a Godless world. It’s something that we do daily (whether we try to or not) and I think that it’s time we faced sin head on. It’s also time that someone gets real about the current state of faith in the world around us.

I know that we all sin daily (and don’t try to deny it). It’s in the form of a white lie, envy at the neighbor’s new car, and don’t even get me started on the amount of sloth in this world (which I will admit that I’m guilty of all these things). Plus, it doesn’t help that the media basically glorifies sins these days. I mean, look at our t.v. shows, our music, and our movies. You can’t go out of the house without encountering sin disguised as social-norm. That being said, it’s not an excuse for sin. We should be teaching the next generations, and those that don’t know, that even though it’s more a part of our culture now than it ever has been, it doesn’t need to be furthered.

Here is where this post gets real. We ignore that this rampant sin is spreading like wildfire. We know that our friends or neighbors are struggling with their faith and we say nothing. We watch the shows that are blasphemous and just sit there through it (or maybe fast forward through just that part) and then we finish the show like it’s nothing. We watch as a nation that preaches tolerance destroys those of us with Christian faith and yet we continue to let them. This world is going downhill so fast, it’s becoming (for the most part already is) a Godless world in a time where we need him the most.

The sad part is, we’re to blame. Because we sit through those shows, we ignore the struggles of those around us, we look the other way as others shame our faith. Because it’s easier to lie to someone than it is to tell the truth. Because we have never had a time where more people waste their lives doing nothing (or being destructive) than right now. All of this is happening around us, but it’s easier to keep quiet and keep out of it than it is to speak out against it.

Here’s some raw and honest truth. I am a sinner. I have looked the other way, I fast forwarded through the show, I have lied when it was easier than telling the truth, I have felt envy, I have displayed sloth and gluttony, I have been greedy.

I am a sinner, but I am saved.

We are not meant to be perfect, but we are meant to strive to be better. We are meant to strive toward Godliness and ask for forgiveness. Every day, I wake up and try to be better, kinder, stronger, and more giving than the day before. I fail often and I ask for forgiveness more.

We are all only human in a world that loses God more and more each day. It’s times like this, when the world seems to be crashing down around us, that  it is so important to grow stronger in faith and closer to God. The power is ours, even as sinners, to better the world and better ourselves. The power is ours, even as sinners, to spread the gospel and help those around us to find Christ.

For we are sinners, we are humans, but we are children of God.

I hope that y’all enjoyed this post. It was just a little bonus post for this week since it was on my heart and I had some extra time on my hands. My posting we be back on track starting tomorrow with a new Pay It Forward post and a new More On Life post. As always, Much love!


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